Identity activist thugs, bravely masking their faces, block women from meeting – VIDEO

Several days ago, this meeting on the UK’s proposed Gender Recognition Act occurred in Bristol, with feminist and trans speakers represented. Many would agree that it appears welcoming and inclusive, even cosy:

we need to talk bristol.JPG

However, in this era of “women’s words are literal violence”, women’s speech gets cracked down on heavily by male supremacist groups.

Julie Bindel, attending as a journalist, writes:

Please circulate as widely as possible.
This is what met those of us going to the meeting in Bristol on Thursday evening, to discuss the gender recognition bullshit, ‘We need to talk about sex – Bristol
. I was there as a reporter, and arrived at the venue with some speakers off the train. The atmosphere of intimidation was horrific. We were blocked from entering the building my the physical intimidation of a group of major bellends. Please can you post on twitter. It is my film, but send where ever. The only thing I would ask is that you make it clear it is my footage, because I don’t want any of the bellends tampering with it and claiming it for themselves.


The lead-up to this further disgraceful exhibition of the anti-woman nature of gender identity politics was some silly posturing by identity activists to the effect that the planned meeting made trans people in the vicinity so fearful that some were considering staying in after dark.  It’s instructive to the extent that it demonstrates how bullies and abusers sometimes create ‘reversals’ (an appearance of the opposite of reality) in order to cover up what they’re doing.

We include some screencaps of this, courtesy of Australian feminist Beth Rep.


Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

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