A Revolutionary Moment – Carol Hanisch, Kathy Scarborough, Ti-Grace Atkinson — VIDEO

A Revolutionary Moment – Boston University, 2014.

This is a video of part of Session 2: ‘How to Defang a Movement: Replacing the Political with the Personal’. To watch the entire thing on youtube, click here.

This excerpt is wonderful for some crystal-clear comments from the panellists, and their suppressed sighs and patience in response to the incoherent but vaguely guilt-tripping comments from the highly liberal ‘audience’.

Please let us know if there’s a transcript anywhere. I noted down part of Carol Hanisch’s wonderful summary:

Somehow many people, including those that call themselves feminists, seem to forget that women are the reproductive class; the class that carries and births the next generation of the human race, something the whole of society benefits from. Since the roots of our oppression lie in this female reproductive capacity, this is a dangerous thing to ignore. It is necessary to unite and fight to protect ourselves from exploitation as the world’s baby-makers. We are now in the middle of the erasure even of the word “woman”. The existence of women as an oppressed sex-class is being challenged and overridden by ‘gender’.
In gender theory, women are no longer considered a sex oppressed by another sex. We exist as a fluid gender. As a ‘gender’, everyone can ignore sex-class and play around with their presentation to suit themselves. Meanwhile the categories of ‘women’ and ‘men’ can be whisked out of the way without dealing with that pesky root cause of women’s oppression. We can eliminate the ‘binary’ in two ways: end male supremacy, and therefore the oppression of women, or eliminate women by substituting ‘gender’.

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