Online ‘parent support group’ shows kids being pushed into drugs and surgery

4thWaveNow has tweeted posts from a group of parents who trans their children. As can be seen, they are encouraging each other to ignore any signs that their child is happy with their genitals, and exhibit a creepy obsession with their child’s body and with any signs of encroaching puberty.  None of this is wholly new for parents, but previously it was better recognised as inappropriate and unhealthy for their child. The phenomenon of transgenderism has allowed parents’ discomfort with their children’s development and autonomy to pass instead as “support” and “caring”.

Concern-trolling with other parents about one’s children in order to get attention is not limited to the phenomenon of transgenderism, and can co-exist with a discomfort with children who declare themselves to be trans.  STC is not claiming that “anti-trans parents are healthy and appropriate, pro-trans parents are not”. That would be simplistic and naive.

However, these screengrabs should make us pause and consider more carefully the full dynamics of the practice of transitioning children.

You can follow the discussion here on twitter.

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4thWaveNow has added clarification for anyone new to the area who believes that this is ‘aberrant’ parent behaviour that is out of step with all major authorities on the subject. While there are numerous gender-critical professionals who deplore this kind of treatment of children – some of whom speak out against it, and even more who are afraid to – these parents do still have the backing of major bodies. The complexity here is that some of these parents are influenced by the new norms in transgendering children, and others have played an influential lobbying role in developing these norms.

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