Feminist racism in the time of COVID

Feminism In New Terms

We have written often on this blog about the current tendency for feminists in Europe to ally with extreme-right Islamophobes, supposedly in the name of women’s rights. But this phenomenon of feminists allying with the extreme right is, naturally, not restricted to Europe: it exists all over the western world. Here we have a strong example in this article by prominent Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, in which she minimises and excuses some fairly extraordinary racism on the basis that it is a joke, and that – somehow – attacking an individual who shared a link to the “joke” is a distraction from criticising China.

200421-lululemon-al-1036_8c751871db552467dd8aba3891c0e48f.fit-2000w Murphy’s article concerns a racist shirt design, shared notably by the art director of clothing brand Lululemon, who has since been fired. Image source

First point: if the design is indeed a joke, it’s not a very good one.

Murphy’s article concerns a shirt with…

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