Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource @laurelaiissexy (Internet) — Gender Identity Watch

Laurelai Bailey, a man who identifies as a transgender woman, was suspended from Twitter for inciting violence against women. He incorrectly asserts he was “silence[d]” for “standing up to TERFs,” and appears to believe he has the right to encourage people to “whap the next terf who says shit” while facing no consequences for such […]… Continue reading Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource @laurelaiissexy (Internet) — Gender Identity Watch


New support forum for parents of gender-dysphoric kids & young adults

4thWaveNow writes: A message from forum members Niniane, Kellogmom, Gender Critical Dad, Marge Bouvier Simpson, Mary, & Cat There is a new forum for parents of gender dysphoric kids, teens, and young adults. We’re here to provide peer support for parents who would like a thoughtful and cautious approach to intervention for their gender-dysphoric daughter or son.… Continue reading New support forum for parents of gender-dysphoric kids & young adults


A Trans Widow writes: I hope my ex is enjoying the violent, misogynist movement he’s aligned himself with. At one point he at least pretended to be feminist and anti-violence. If he hasn’t suffered cognitive dissonance by now over the modus operandi of his beloved support group, then his moral compass has drifted very far indeed.… Continue reading HATING WOMEN, BEATING WOMEN, FORSAKING FAMILY

Zoe Searle, another pro-rape ‘trans woman’

  Zoe Searle was recently in a trans-inclusionary feminist group on Facebook, and posted about his suspicion that not all members viewed him as a woman.  Witness the not-especially womanly way in which he then communicated with a woman who'd welcomed him to the group:   Update Sept 16: We have since received screencaps of… Continue reading Zoe Searle, another pro-rape ‘trans woman’

Life as a Passing Woman — crashchaoscats Transcript: I want to talk about passing for male and how that affects me. Someone commented on one of my videos asking me if passing for male ever made me dysphoric. I decided to make this video partially in response to that and also because I’ve been thinking about making a video about passing… Continue reading Life as a Passing Woman — crashchaoscats

Timeline of Trans Activists Beating a Woman in Hyde Park

Gallus Mag writes:   A public debate was scheduled in London between feminists and transgender activists over the conflict of interest between women’s rights and the transgender movement, specifically the impact of proposed changes to the UK Gender Recognition Act. The event was titled ‘What is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond’. At debate… Continue reading Timeline of Trans Activists Beating a Woman in Hyde Park