When Women’s Rights are #NotaDebate

When there is conflict between trans rights and women’s rights (such as whether toilets and changing rooms should be segregated by ‘sex’ or ‘gender’) an open debate should be encouraged to ascertain how best to accommodate the rights of both parties. This hasn’t happened, and it hasn’t happened in a big way, so it’s worth […]… Continue reading When Women’s Rights are #NotaDebate


Statement Against the ADF

Detransitioned Women Resist the ADF write:   We recently became aware that The Alliance Defending Freedom has been contacting high profile detransitioned people attempting to find potential plaintiffs to bankroll medical malpractice lawsuits. We strongly urge all detransitioned people to resist the temptation of ADF’s financial support. We acknowledge that many of us have received… Continue reading Statement Against the ADF

Labor officials quit in transgender row

    Also see Entire CLP Leadership Quits Amid Claims Of Transphobia: NOV 2017 Wednesday 15TH posted by Morning Star in Britain THE entire leadership of a constituency Labour Party (CLP) in Sussex has resigned in a bitter row over allegations of transphobia. The resignation of all six members of the Bexhill & Battle Labour Party executive committee was… Continue reading Labor officials quit in transgender row

LBC pundit James O’Brien shuts down women as bigots #himtoo

Fairplayforwomen.com writes: Yesterday (13th November 2017) James O’Brien of LBC took a call from a listener expressing her thoughts on gender identity and whether outlets like Topshop should allow anyone who identifies as a woman or girl into their female changing rooms. We were outraged to hear the bullying and misogynistic way the call was… Continue reading LBC pundit James O’Brien shuts down women as bigots #himtoo

Why Trans Women Need To Embrace Reality Instead Of Illusions

A gender nonconformer writes:   Coming out as Trans / Gender Non Conforming Male I never set out to ‘pass’ as a woman. For starters that would probably even bankrupt Donald Trump with surgery costs. Let’s face it no amount of surgery is going to turn me into a woman so why even bother? Reality… Continue reading Why Trans Women Need To Embrace Reality Instead Of Illusions

Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource @laurelaiissexy (Internet) — Gender Identity Watch

Laurelai Bailey, a man who identifies as a transgender woman, was suspended from Twitter for inciting violence against women. He incorrectly asserts he was “silence[d]” for “standing up to TERFs,” and appears to believe he has the right to encourage people to “whap the next terf who says shit” while facing no consequences for such […]… Continue reading Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource @laurelaiissexy (Internet) — Gender Identity Watch

New support forum for parents of gender-dysphoric kids & young adults

4thWaveNow writes: A message from forum members Niniane, Kellogmom, Gender Critical Dad, Marge Bouvier Simpson, Mary, & Cat There is a new forum for parents of gender dysphoric kids, teens, and young adults. We’re here to provide peer support for parents who would like a thoughtful and cautious approach to intervention for their gender-dysphoric daughter or son. https://gendercriticalresources.com/Support/… Continue reading New support forum for parents of gender-dysphoric kids & young adults