A Different Stripe

From Psychology Today, a fascinating account from a detransitioner. Her descriptions of her engagement with other trans people also illustrate the different impacts on gender-dysphoric young people of older-style, versus newer-style, trans ideology/activism.   A Different Stripe For eight years, Renee Sullivan identified as transgender. Then it got more complicated. By Renee Sullivan, published March… Continue reading A Different Stripe

Statement Against the ADF

Detransitioned Women Resist the ADF write:   We recently became aware that The Alliance Defending Freedom has been contacting high profile detransitioned people attempting to find potential plaintiffs to bankroll medical malpractice lawsuits. We strongly urge all detransitioned people to resist the temptation of ADF’s financial support. We acknowledge that many of us have received… Continue reading Statement Against the ADF

Why Trans Women Need To Embrace Reality Instead Of Illusions

A gender nonconformer writes:   Coming out as Trans / Gender Non Conforming Male I never set out to ‘pass’ as a woman. For starters that would probably even bankrupt Donald Trump with surgery costs. Let’s face it no amount of surgery is going to turn me into a woman so why even bother? Reality… Continue reading Why Trans Women Need To Embrace Reality Instead Of Illusions