Transgenderism and unethical medicine

La Scapigliata writes: The cases of medical negligence toward transgender persons, and toward children in context of transgender ideology, are mounting. In this latest case we have a male-identified woman (ie. a “transman”) who presented to the A&E department with acute ear infection and high blood pressure. She refused admission but presented to her GP… Continue reading Transgenderism and unethical medicine

Trans activists try taking down science writer Jesse Singal whose painstakingness is a pain in their arse

[Alternative title: Sucks when both academic research details, and email records, catch out trans activist lies. Maybe deploying misogynistic manipulations is the way to go.]   Jesse Singal is an accomplished Brooklyn-based journalist whose work you can read about here. He speaks politely to and with trans activists, […]

New support forum for parents of gender-dysphoric kids & young adults

4thWaveNow writes: A message from forum members Niniane, Kellogmom, Gender Critical Dad, Marge Bouvier Simpson, Mary, & Cat There is a new forum for parents of gender dysphoric kids, teens, and young adults. We’re here to provide peer support for parents who would like a thoughtful and cautious approach to intervention for their gender-dysphoric daughter or son.… Continue reading New support forum for parents of gender-dysphoric kids & young adults

Alternative Treatments for Gender Dysphoria – Crashchaoscats

Watch Crash's video here: Transcript: Hey there. I want to talk some about my personal experience with using alternative treatments for gender dysphoria because there’s not enough information out there about this subject. I have noticed that some trans people are threatened by talk of alternative treatments for dysphoria just like they are threatened by the… Continue reading Alternative Treatments for Gender Dysphoria – Crashchaoscats

The eugenics craze: All the BEST people…

At the excellent blog 4thWaveNow, worriedmom writes: As 2017 rolls along, the pro-pediatric and teen transition movements only appear to be growing stronger. In the United States, we now have some 50+ transition clinics, up from one such clinic in 2007. School curricula are revised daily to educate our youngest students about their fluid gender… Continue reading The eugenics craze: All the BEST people…

Living in Tranztopia

Today I went to the drugstore to pick up supplies to deal with a birthing-related condition that still plagues me 40 years later. Ah, the joys of owning a female body. I came to the counter with my inflatable donut, stool softener, benzocaine and cortisone cream and noticed the cashier behind the counter. This was… Continue reading Living in Tranztopia