The return of idealism: identity and the politics of oppression

Excellent and refreshing contribution on how gender identity (and other identity-based) politics: - Flout the marxist understanding that oppression is rooted in exploitation. - Are divisive to solidarity amongst the oppressed. - Prevent us from fully relating to female-pattern physical needs and aspects of oppression.   Published March 1, 2018 at Counterfire. The pervasion of… Continue reading The return of idealism: identity and the politics of oppression


When Women’s Rights are #NotaDebate

When there is conflict between trans rights and women’s rights (such as whether toilets and changing rooms should be segregated by ‘sex’ or ‘gender’) an open debate should be encouraged to ascertain how best to accommodate the rights of both parties. This hasn’t happened, and it hasn’t happened in a big way, so it’s worth […]… Continue reading When Women’s Rights are #NotaDebate

Statement Against the ADF

Detransitioned Women Resist the ADF write:   We recently became aware that The Alliance Defending Freedom has been contacting high profile detransitioned people attempting to find potential plaintiffs to bankroll medical malpractice lawsuits. We strongly urge all detransitioned people to resist the temptation of ADF’s financial support. We acknowledge that many of us have received… Continue reading Statement Against the ADF

'One of the bitterest obstacles to feminist organizing is when white women universalize their own experiences to the detriment of the interests of women of color, to the extent that those interests do not always align. WoLF teaming up with Heritage does nothing to heal those divisions and in fact doubles down on the very… Continue reading

Michel Foucault « freer lives

Michel Foucault (1926-1984) is probably the single most influential figure in postmodernism, inspiring many later theorists and activists including queer theorists such as Judith Butler. His book The Order of Things, which outlined the theory and method of his early, structuralist phase, suffered a devastating critique from the psychologist Jean Piaget (Piaget p128-35) But it is the… Continue reading Michel Foucault « freer lives