Back from the blogosphere dead to say something about binders

"What troubled me was the number of female people – whether “genderqueer” or “trans” – in the video who said things like “binding makes me feel safer when I am outside.” Or the woman who says, “If I didn’t have my binder, I couldn’t function . . . Couldn’t go out. Couldn’t talk to family.”… Continue reading Back from the blogosphere dead to say something about binders


“Mutilation” — Purple Sage

Thought-provoking piece by purplesagefem. And you know, so long as verbs in their past tenses can also be used as adjectives to describe who people are, we cannot ignore the implications of describing a living human as "mutilated". So to me this is not about "supporting individuals' choices", but about being respectfully mindful of the… Continue reading “Mutilation” — Purple Sage

Socialized Trans – the video | crashchaoscats

reflectin' & dissectin', thoughts on "detransitioning" Socialized Trans - the video by crashchaoscats I recorded a video of myself reading one of my older essays about pressure to transition. You can read the essay Socialized “Trans” here. I mistakenly said in the video that I wrote it three years ago. Actually it was four years ago. Can’t… Continue reading Socialized Trans – the video | crashchaoscats