A Trans Widow writes:

I hope my ex is enjoying the violent, misogynist movement he’s aligned himself with. At one point he at least pretended to be feminist and anti-violence. If he hasn’t suffered cognitive dissonance by now over the modus operandi of his beloved support group, then his moral compass has drifted very far indeed.

And no, I’m not talking about choosing to cross-dress or even call himself a woman, which he did quite peacefully for many months before quite literally joining a sect, lying to me and others about it, letting its members tell him what to think and breaking contact with me, his brother, and anyone else who didn’t share or pretend to share his every view.

As an aside, signs of a cult: “Contact with the outside world — often including family — is discouraged, and family is redefined as the group itself.”“Increasing isolation from family and old friends unless they demonstrate an interest in the group.”

Trans Activists Beat 60-Year Old Woman after Stalking Feminist Meetup

Just days ago, trans activists stalked a feminist group, posted threats online, continued to stalk the group after they cancelled citing “safety concerns” and then after they changed locations to mitigate the threat, planned an attack online, and then followed through with it.


Trans Activists Destroy Books, Harass Feminists, and Vandalize Vancouver Women’s Library

The library had pro-trans books but had the audacity to have books criticizing gender roles too. This happened a few months ago. Video on second link.



Anti-Lesbian Trans Activists March Twirling Baseball Bats at San Francisco Dyke March

Happened early this year. They were angry that lesbians don’t date them.


And the Usual Everyday Anti-Women Violence:

(Featuring “Choke on my girl dick,” “I’ll shit in your mouth,” “I want to rape you,” and other perennial favorites)





via Hating Women, Beating Women, Forsaking Family — My Only Path to Power







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